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Our objective is to create a lifelong relationship with you, our client. 

Andy Mass and the Mass Realty Properties Team limit the amount of clients we work with so we can provide you with VIP, one-on-one service from beginning to end.  Our 25 years of experience, local expertise and hard work will make the buying process as easy and hassle-free for you as possible while achieving optimum results. Our objective is to create a lifelong relationship with you, our client.

Buyer Strategy in this Competitive Market

Most of us know that the real estate market is hot right now. When you find a house and decide to make an offer, you are likely going to be competing with other bids.

In a competitive market, it is easy to think that the highest bid wins the home. While price is obviously important, what often matters most is the seller and seller's agent’s perception of the "entire offer package:” which buyer/offer will most likely get all the way to the closing table.

Sellers count on their agent to help them assess the quality of every offer. Besides price and terms (dates and standard contingencies), an agent will share with a seller what they know about the buyer’s prequalifications, motivations and interest level. The seller’s agent will share their experience with the buyer's agent and the relationship the buyer seems to have (or not have!) with their agent. 

Every little thing can make a difference and influence a buyer’s ability to close. Accepting "the wrong” offer can be costly for the seller if their property has to go back on the market. They can end up getting less and will most certainly suffer additional worry and stress if they have to start over.

Your agent, and the relationship you have with them, can be a huge factor in winning your dream home. We know that:


    1. If you have a relationship with your agent, you are more likely to trust them to work out any problems that arise (as they often do), rather than just jump ship
    2. A competent agent is a vote of confidence to the seller: he can convince them that you are qualified, able to purchase ,and using a reputable lender. An offer delivered from an established and reputable agent gives your offer weight.
    3. Agents are often more enthusiastic about working with other agents; it makes the process smoother for both sides.
    4. Buyers who are working with an agent are perceived as being very serious about their offer.           


Your agent can make or break your offer on a competitive property.

A buyer working with an established agent versus a discount agent, with whom they clearly have no relationship, can have a critical advantage in a multiple bidding situation.

If you’re losing out in multiple bids, make sure it is not because of this oversight. You should hire the best; it doesn’t cost you anything and may save you a lot money, time, and stress. More importantly, it could be the edge that gets you the house.       

Don’t forget: it is price, terms and your agent. A good buyer’s agent is better for everybody, especially YOU.  We are ready to help you achieve optimum results in this challenging market.


The Buying Process:

1. Meeting the Mass Realty Properties Team

Andy Mass & the Mass Realty Properties Team is here to assist you in every aspect of the buying process. In our first meeting, we will explain, in detail, agency relationship and disclosure, the steps of the buying process, and how to obtain financing to ensure you are able to choose the home that best fits into your budget. Agents will listen to your needs, determine the type of property that suits your needs, and arrange times to view properties that you like. It is our goal to provide you with the best customer service and advice, from pre-approval to closing and afterwards.


2. Home Selection and Showings

Andy Mass & Mass Realty Properties have extensive knowledge of the Boston area market, with an emphasis on Middlesex, Suffolk, Norfolk, & Essex Real Estate. We can easily to determine which homes best fit your needs, making the home buying process shorter and more convenient. On showings, Mass Realty Properties Agents will help you understand the whole picture: neighborhoods as well as home values in these areas. You will gain a clear understanding of local landmarks, parks, transportation, and attractions. The buying process is fun and it is our goal to alleviate the stresses of the process and make it as enjoyable for you as possible.


3. Writing and Negotiating an Offer

Once you find the perfect home, a Mass Realty Properties agent will help you construct an offer that highlights your "wish list” of terms and protect your interests in the transaction. As your advocate, Mass Realty Properties will ensure that your voice is heard and that you are able to negotiate acceptable terms. Our agents are trained negotiators and we look forward to achieving your desired result.


4. Financing and Closing Assistance

Your mortgage professional and Mass Realty Properties will work together closely to ensure a smooth closing for you. Be sure to explore the many loan products and options that may be available to you. Your agent is able to recommend a trusted mortgage professional if you do not already have one. Once your financial needs are met, you will be connected with a closing attorney who will help you draft your Purchase and Sale Agreement and ensure everything runs smoothly until closing. Mass Realty Properties will be with you every step of the way to answer any questions.


5. Trusted Resource

Mass Realty Properties’ services do not end at closing. We are here to answer any questions you may have about your new home and/or help you locate a service provider. We hope that because of our outstanding service and continued dedication to you that you will recommend us to your friends and family. Your recommendation is the highest compliment to us and is truly appreciated.